Welcome to My Page

I am Chong Zhang, a master student in Robotics at ETH Zürich (2022-2025). I am with Robotic Systems Lab (RSL) for my research. I am currently visiting LeCAR Lab at CMU (2024). I earned my bachelor’s degree from Tsinghua University (2018-2022).

I am interested in real world applications of legged systems. Three topics are covered: 1) resilience against environmental uncertainties, 2) predictable reliability before deployment, 3) skillful sensorimotor movements. I am open to new collaborations – just drop me an email with cool ideas!

I am a reviewer for RSS (2024), ICRA(2023-2024), IROS (2022-2024), ACC(2022), RA-Letters, ISA Transaction.

You can check my publications here and my academic honors here.